Expression écrite d'anglais

Voici ma traduction (c'est bien?)::

Très bien, dit Taylor, les yeux perdus vers la cour d'entrée, sans rien voir. Nous avons aussi une constitution, qui devrait prévenir ces terribles injustices, mais tout ce dont elle se souvenait n'était qu'une suite de mots qu'elle avait appris par coeur en sixième. "Le peuple c'est nous, dit-elle à voix haute"

And that these children , victims of the Tsunami,once adopted, were able to rebuild Mentally more easily.

She is careful; she pays attention on what she says. L4
L.9: she is afraid; she does not seem to breathe any more. Indeed, she is afraid that one stole her child.
She seems there to be fed up .
l.10 ::The lawyer seems to annoy Taylor

However, the problem is not the same for babies.

The underlined word "it" refers to THE television 
ou                                             to television


The underlined word "it" Refers to the approval
ou                                            to approval

Donc avec ou sans article?


Expression écrite d'anglais

Voila j'ai un petit probleme,je n'arrive pas a réaliser cette expression ecrite d'anglais:"What can we do to help slave children?" merci de me donner quelques pistes pour cela.

Rappel des règles
Seuls les élèves ayant effectué un travail personnel préalable sur leur sujet peuvent obtenir une aide ponctuelle. Vous devez donc indiquer vos pistes de recherches personnelles.


Expression écrite d'anglais

je dois rendre ce rapport demain, pourriez vous me dire si ça convient?
Merci beaucoup d'avance.

Compulsory with the EGC, we have to do an internship of eight weeks to put into practice our experience and clarifies our affinities with poles.
So, I have did my internship for the SACEM. Offers of internship shown in the surrounding wallof the school allowed me to do this internship for the SACEM.
Furthermore, with this internship of two months, I had the possibility of combining two assets : commercial and legal.
Besides, I had the possibility to discover the position commercial.

I did my internship from 22 june to 28 august
This internship was for me the opportunity to confirm my vocational guidance and so to direct me correctly next year for my training course of the second year. I wished particularly to know my capacity of integration within a company as well as its good progress.

The Objective of the internship:
I was commercial for the SACEM.
I was in charge of canvassing, of looking for a new clientele and of immortalizing the already existing clientele.

Presentation of the staff

Mr Bernard SPINNER : Delegate of VALENCE.
It is to Mister SPINNER that we have to give our contracts so that he verifies them and what he approves them by his signature.
He manages and supervises the whole team

Mr Laurent BOULANGER . : Co-worker of Mister SPINNER

Mr Jean-Christophe HUSER External Activities).
He is in charge of going on the ground to make regularizations, controls of devices in particular, make new contracts sign … Mister HUSER framed me during the first two weeks.
I followed her during the tours, to train me.

2. Analysis of the problem :
• Problem :The large number of frauds.
We observe an appropriation of the music because of free access to music.
We are in front of big incomprehensions of the individuals, which do not include their obligation to pay the SACEM and not doing difference between interpreters and authors.
Indeed, often the persons say to us that Johnny Halliday is rich, why to come "to tax" them they.
They ignore that the SACEM does not represent the interests of the interpreters, nothing thus is to redistribute to the artists as Johnny Halliday for example.
Besides, many people think of paying a tax to the SACEM since they buy a disk. Now, the purchase of a disk in the business is intended for a personal listening. It is here that lives the difference.

The SACEM has a very logical reasoning; indeed, it will do the difference between attractive music, music of sound dubbing..
Because the service returned by the music is not the same in both cases.

Solution : Deliver authorizations of musical broadcastings in public places

II. Mission et Objectifs

Canvas (businesses, bars, hairdressing salons) with the aim of acquiring new customers.
Controls of devices (Television sets, radio).
Recovery of royalties.

My quantitative objectives were set up by the delegate Mister SPINNER.
I had to realize 75 contracts, while making 700 visits; make 15 PBA ( Automatic Standing orders(Direct debits)). And make 5 regularizations. See Secondary 3

III. Integration and traning
IV. TRAINING in the Head office at Neuilly sur Seine.

This theoretical training in the head office is according to me a very good means to take self-confidence and to arrest he ground serenely.
To know the history of the SACEM, its missions know this organization, its various services and departments, the legal frame on which it rests bases thus adorned me to be essential before joining the delegation.
At the end of the training I felt fine ready to attack my mission of commercial within the delegation of VALENCE. I went out of it only more motivated.

TRAINING in delegation with VALENCE.

Upon my arrival to the delegation of Valence, Mister Huser took me under his wing. I accompanied him during the tour to watch at him making. He learnt me to computerize contracts, to make the pricing. He thus made me apply what I had taught the training to the seat.

Next week, they let me leave only for tour.
I was in the sector 13 which corresponds to the sector of NYONS.

TRAINING in specialist software.

- every day I had to use a laptop or fixed computer according to the place where I was; in delegation or in tour. The computer is an indispensable tool within the SACEM. I was thus formed in the use of several software such as: *PANDA (who allows us to calculate directly the price list that the customer had to pay. It is the useful software which holds its smooth running of a big simplicity of use).
*Application remote processing (who allows us to computerize contracts, to see customers' numbers … Furthermore, he allows us to consult our terms. Nevertheless, it is impossible to have the application remote processing on laptops on tour; what can be annoying).
*SELECT (who allows the conception of road maps, by choosing our sectors according to departments; the addition of new customers).
*Feuille of road (Allows to consult on the ground the prospects, the customers either even the potential of a given sector. This software is very useful; and work, please. He(it) remains indispensable to note on the road map the completeness of our passages in the establishments of all the villages. Without forgetting to close the tasks either even to open it. And to create opportunities when we sign contracts).

My mission as trainee to the SACEM is to do research of clientele with the aim of enlarging the park customers, but also of the administrative regularization of the business discovered up to signature of the contract without forgetting the recovery of royalties.

Professional balance assessment:
I enormously got involved in all the missions which were given to me. I was able to apply my sense of the rigor and the organization and my skills acquired within the EGC.
In the current day, I feel more confident in front of customers. I also think of being more capable of knowing how to answer the objections of the customers.
And know how to show me more human and more comprehensive in any circumstances.
I leave satisfied, happy to have been able to bring my help to the company myself having learnt a lot.

Personal balance assessment:
This training course turned out to be extremely enriching and very interesting because I was not considered as a simple trainee to whom we let the opportunity make nothing. Indeed, I made exactly the same things as the other employees. I liked a lot the fact that they made me confidence.
My integration took place carefree major, I liked the atmosphere and the environment in which I evolved during eight weeks.
I learnt within this company a lot that is the SACEM. I regret not at all having made my training course there low.


I have had the chance to participate in an internship of the first year in the SACEM.
This internship of eight weeks allowed me to learn valuable skills. It also allowed me to perfect myself with the clientele.
What was most appealing to me was the application of these skills that I learned during the year spent in the EGC.

I really enjoyed working within this company. The training was enriching for me both professionally and personally.

" In spite of its immaterial appearance, the music is not " in the air(sight) ". She(it) requires of an important implementation often implying(involving) several persons. The musical creation does not make alone. "