Exercice de linguistique en anglais

Bonjour à tous.tes !

J'ai un cours de linguistique vraiment technique... j'ai un exercice à faire et je bloque totalement depuis une semaine.

Y aurait-il un ou une linguiste qui serait prêt à m'aider ?


  • duduledudule Membre
    14 nov. modifié

    Quelle est la question ?

  • Nuage96Nuage96 Membre

    Bonjour @dudule

    Je dois analyser un texte en anglais : 1. Analyze the modes of utterance (enunciation) in the excerpt. 2. Analyze the information structure in the excerpt. 3. Justify the positions of two adverbials in your text (Discuss their positions in terms of information structure). 

    J'ai bcp de mal car nous avons vu ces notions très brièvement en cours, principalement la première question... je ne sais pas du tout comment savoir s'il s'agit de narration ou de discours

  • duduledudule Membre

    Quel est le texte ?

  • Nuage96Nuage96 Membre

    Voici le texte @dudule

    Once we were both up and dressed, we started doing odds and ends around the house together—little repairs and some house cleaning. If it were spring or summer, we would probably go out into the garden and get some gardening work done. And then in the afternoon we each took some time in our separate spaces too. Miguel and a pal dove into his man cave, and I went into my feng shui room. In the man cave are a TV and two La-Z-Boy chairs, and I could hear the two of them yelling out loud as they watched sports on television.

    There’s also a seventy-five-gallon fish tank in the man cave, and of course all of my sweetie’s Star Wars stuff. My feng shui room is where I have created what is, for me, the perfect environment where I can feel at home by myself and also be in harmony with nature right in my own house. The room has spacious windows that let in lots of light and air, when wanted. On the walls, which are painted a color called passion purple, are paintings and posters I have made plus photographs from the time of my rescue, my wedding pictures, and pictures of all my animals.

    A lot of the animals live in the room. The lizards are in a zoo containment cage, although when I’m in the room I usually let them out so they can race around freely. The guinea pigs are in a huge cage that I keep on top of the bookcase because, if it were any lower, the dogs would bother the guinea pigs like crazy. And there’s an aquarium, equipped with a waterfall, for the fish. There’s a daybed there for me to lie down on, a television, a sound system, and a storage container holding all my art supplies. When I’m not using them I pack them up in the storage box and keep the box in the corner.

    Today I was using them a lot, working on a new painting. I do practically all my painting, my drawing, and my writing here—all the creative things that have been saving my life since I was a kid. Back then—and certainly when I was in Castro’s house—I really had to scrounge for the tools and supplies to do these things. I had to be as creative about what I could use as a tool as I was about the drawing or writing itself, and one of the joys of my life today is that I have all the tools and supplies I need. Today I have art equipment I never even imagined existed: different stencils that help me make straight shapes, others that help me make curved shapes, different brushes and even metal objects to paint with, acrylic paint with paint thinner so I can flip the brush and make a pretty little pattern on what I’ve just painted. I use that to make it look like there are actually leaves growing on the trees. Then I have this little palette knife that doesn’t cut the palette board—unless you go too deep. I can spend hours at my art, surrounded by my animals, in my feng shui room. In fact, that’s exactly how I spent today. Then, in the evening, my sweetie made dinner. Unless we’re out at a restaurant with some friends from our safe circle, one or the other of us is the chef, depending on what we’re in the mood for. We each have our own different areas of cooking expertise. He is the grilling expert, and I am the sandwich expert. Tonight it was burgers on the grill, and then we settled down in front of the television in the living room and chilled. Miguel, of course, found the comedy shows he likes on TV, and we laughed until our lips felt numb. He was still laughing when I got up and went to bed, earlier than him, as usual, while he stayed up to watch late-night TV. This is such a good life, and as I think any reader of this book can appreciate, I cherish every moment of it. I am aware, just about every moment I’m alive, of what I have gained, what I have learned, and how far I have come in these five years since I was rescued. It is all summed up for me in the fact that I am able to reach people through the talks I give and through my advocacy work, and when I come home from the work, there is my sweetie. There are the dogs and the lizards and the turtles, the trees and the plants, our wonderful house—and each other.

    NOT THAT our life is all peaches and cream. Of course it isn’t. Like most couples, we disagree sometimes, and we each have our frustrations. The life we’re living—caught in the public eye—is new to both of us, and we’re finding our way. It is one reason we each have our separate spaces in the house—his man cave and my feng shui room—so we can get some space when we need to. Miguel made some major adjustments in his life so I could keep on doing the speaking engagements and meetings that have become my life’s work. That has not always been easy for him. But we both feel protective of each other and of our time together. 

  • TheRedRoomTheRedRoom Modérateur


    J'aimerais pouvoir t'aider, mais cela demande du temps pour lire le texte attentivement... temps dont je ne dispose pas vraiment en ce moment, désolée, je ne vais pas pouvoir m'y pencher. Par ailleurs, je ne comprends pas bien les questions... La question sur l'énonciation porte sur la source du discours, ici la narratrice puisque c'est une narration à la première personne. Mais je ne vois pas bien ce qu'on veut vous faire dire...

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