Bonjour !

Je suis actuellement scolarisée à domicile et je constitue mon dossier. Je voulais savoir si je pouvais avoir un avis sur l'introduction (j'enverrai bien la totalité du travail, mais j'ai peur que l'aspect public du forum ne convienne pas. Par contre si quelqu'un veut bien en mp, je ne dis pas non...). Si mon message est inapproprié, je suis désolée.

Je demande parce que je ne sais pas bien comment faire, je fais de mon mieux mais j'ai peur d'être totalement à côté de la plaque pour ce travail qui me paraît assez technique...

Merci d'avance :)


The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” As Ludwig Wittgenstein said, the words define our mind and our conception of reality, a large part of our imagination is based on what we read. So, I am going to present you the notion “Voice and experimenting with language.

On the side of the writer, they are precisely those who allow us to visualize every detail as if words come alive on the blank canvases of our minds. There is no limit to the form writing can take. The message can be delivered in a poem, a novel, a short story or a play. Writing can be a way to remember, to inform, entertain or amaze. Do deal with the notion, I will present 3 documents. The first will be “The Jabberwocky”, a poem written by Lewis Carroll from “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There” in 1871 and taken from the Victorian literary current of nonsense. The second document is a Haiku called “It’s cold – and I wait”, written by Anon and the last is an image of scenes from the film “Alice In Wonderland” by Tim Burton.

I choose these different documents because I found them representative each in their own way of the fabulous diversity of writing. So, if playing with words could mean gathering them to create something that goes beyond simply telling a story, we can ask ourselves: how does the writer use words to paint pictures and imaginary universes? To answer to this question, we will see through this analysis how an author uses words to create imaginary universes and how the author's identifiable style can solicit our imagination.

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