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Anglais - Expression écrite sur le thème de l’immigration

Bonjour. J'aimerai que quelqu'un Vérifie mon expression écrite sur le thème de l’immigration . merci

The migratory flux always existed. The man migrates for various reasons: financial, military, family or for pleasure etc. Whereas that today more and more of country close their borders. Can a Country, however rich it may Be, welcome All the immigrants willing to enter .

The demographic question raises an economic factor. Let us take the Plain case of the Kingdom which has a fertility rate of 1.9 children per woman for a rate of mortality of 9.33%. One can said that mortality rate is average as for low mortality rate. one is in the case of a ageing country. Fertility rate being relatively low the natural increase should be weak but the United Kingdom counts much immigrant. the rate of immigrant is of 2.60%. Can be that these legal or illegal migrations make it possible to fill the lack of young workers and to balance the demography of a country. The migrants occupies a political role more particularly in the role of the electorate. In the United States, the immigrant are in general well integrated politically because the political parts need their voice to gain the election room or sometimes even national. Georgia demonstrates a problem owed of the new immigration law,  loss 7% of voices Republican during the election, what is enormous.

In the case of the United Kingdom, of the United States and much of other countries, immigration supports the economy, the immigrants answer the job market. And political will has their participation in the electorate.

Of share its history, the United States underwent so much migrations which it faces today with the multiculturalism of its country.  Europeans constitute 82.2% of the population American. In parallel, one counts Hispanic American 11.8%. The 17.8% remainder are made up various communities. Immigration supports the formation of Ghetto. the town of New York is particularly touched by it. Harlem, Brooklyn etc suffer the ethnic, sociological conflicts which the United States must cope more and more. Each ghetto symbolizes a culture, values. What become one challenge for the identity national.

A country cannot accommodate all the immigrants, even if economically they are an advantage. But they can also creates ethnic conflicts and a threat for the identity national.

Merci d'avance pour votre aide et investissement .